Our Founder

Sisters of the nativity with FounderWe attribute our Founding to the Holy Spirit who alone has the power to conceive a group before a human foster parent is made available. Just like Jesus, our heavenly Founder is divine. We acknowledge with lots of respect, the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary (MSHR), without whom the Sisters of the Nativity Congregation would have suffered a miscarriage or a still birth at the beginning of their coming into being.

The role of Sr. Edith Dynan, as the then Regional Superior of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary, cannot be over emphasised. She would qualify to be called our Foundress because it was she who, resourcefully, assisted at the birth of the young sisterhood. On the other, the state of affairs in Nigeria, just recovering from a civil war, had to be taken into consideration: For any Congregation to have survived, a bishop had to welcome them into his diocese. Bishop Donal Murray, of blessed memory, accepted to be our Founder when he accepted the sisters into his diocese and cared for them, spiritually, materially and financially, from their conception in 1969 to the when he was called Home to glory in 1999. If the Bishop had refused to take the first girls into his diocese, Sr. Edith might have asked the group to disperse and be no more. We appreciate the Holy Spirit for working through these two giants in our birthing!




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