Nativity Nursery & Primary School

The school officially started on the 9th of September, 2013 with thirty-four (34) pupils, the Head-teacher, Sr. Paulina Obidiozor, SoN, two teachers, a helper and Sr. Gloria Isiwu as class teacher.

In 2014, the number of pupils increased to 85. In 2015 the Sisters raised funds to start start construction work for primaries 4,5 and 6.with three additional classrooms and a library the number of pupils increased to 105 with five teachers helpers, a driver, gardener and security man.

The school has a borehole a television and a generator or the school. We need more of such items. Thanks to Chris and Olivia Ward who donated a thirty-seater Coaster bus for transporting pupils. They also gave scholarship to the less privileged in our school.

We have kindergarten, Nursery, Pre-primary, Primary one to six. We had our first graduation in 2019. The Parents Teachers Association (P.T.A) of the school body is very supportive.


We assure development of skills in reading, writing, listening and problem solving. We teach the main currents of our tradition, mathematics and religion. Teaching the nursery how to study and provide them with the skills and attitude that will enable them learn.

Provide opportunities to participate in extensive physical activity which will provide an understanding of skills and techniques. We also assist nursery pupils in learning about health and how to maintain physical and emotional well-being.


To provide experiences which enable pupils to become responsible citizens of our rapidly changing society.

To help the develop their own special identity; to form personal opinions and to recognize and respect other individuals and groups. Offer Guidance to pupils to develop socially acceptable behaviour. Provide yard-stick for pupils to strive for success to learn from their mistakes, and to develop confidence and personal dignity. We nurture children to be morally and academically sound, to face life’s challenges.